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Personal Leadership Coaching

A 8-week 1:1 intensive coaching programme designed for individuals

Do you want to define your goal, action it and experience the transformation?

I help you craft your leadership skills to become a master of your successful ‘process of becoming’ to reach the high-level growth you desire.

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Hacking the creative process for powerful outcomes is my passion.

Personal Leadership Coaching is the framework I created to: 

  • reveal the unique vision that is inside you 
  • define your undefined thoughts, feelings, and situations
  • craft brilliance in your leadership skills to actively influence your life
  • enable your transformation

When you want to take a leap, intense focus and internal validation are required. That’s where I come in.


In 8 weeks, we will combine your skills, passions, and strengths into your desired outcomes… use my proven tools and frameworks to take intentional actions, design your sustainable process, and move forward. After 8 weeks of working with me, you will…

  1. Have clarity on what you are working toward and what you need to do to get there.
  2. Know your strengths & weakness and start living aligned with your values.
  3. Develop international communication and trust yourself.
  4. Design your environment that works best for your desired outcome.
  5. Gain new perspectives that enable you to take action.
  6. Establish a sustainable system to keep taking action relevant to your goal.
  7. Transform your Mindset and gain your leadership skills to feel control over your life.
  8. Gain tools and experience for your continued progress after the program.

The Framework

You’ve been thinking about this for a long time. You’ve done your research, been learning, yet still not sure if that’s the right thing to do and where to start.

Now it’s time for you to accept who you are, define where you want to be, and craft your leadership skills to move forward step by step.

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Your vision + solid foundation + sustainable creative process + leadership skills for your desired outcomes!

€1,200 (full payment)
or 2 payments of €600

Who is personal leadership coaching for?

  1. If you want to shift your mindset aligned with whom you want to be and where you want to be…
  2. If you want to influence your life and career actively, so you are entirely in the process of becoming…
  3. If you feel wobbly with so much noise going around and you want to reinforce the solid foundation where you stand with your core values…
  4. If you’re in a place where you feel distance from what is important for you but are unsure how to get back to it…
  5. If you prefer more hands-on coaching on your process and are looking for a framework to find your own solutions within yourself…

You’re in the right place.

Why is this program different?

It is about experiencing your creative process of becoming

Focus is your leadership skills, then use clear frameworks to create a new vision in your unique way. I help you raise your awareness, enable you to take action, and experience the transformation that will last a lifetime.

What’s included?

  1. 8 x 60 minute 1–1 weekly Zoom coaching sessions with Junko
  2. 8 x Mind maps as summary notes of our session together with agreed actions and tasks to keep you accountable between each session
  3. 8 x Worksheets to reflect yourself and what’s happening around you in depth

Ready to enjoy having clarity to make the right decision with confidence and take consistent action for your desired outcomes?

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Yes, the programme is run via zoom.

The calls 60mins, worksheet 30-60mins in total. It won’t take you more than 2hour per week.

The programme will be for you if…

  • You are ready and committed to the change.
  • You want to figure out what’s inside you.
  • It’s important for you to live aligned to your values.
  • You have a dream and wish but don’t know where to start.
  • You have a strong passion but don’t know how to apply it to your life.

This will not be for you if…

  • You are busy.
  • You are driven to money making.
  • You want to be taught a roadmap for success.

I will show you how YOUR creative process of becoming works. Your experience through my frameworks and tools will support you now and in the future.

You can pay via PayPal. Any payment-related questions, please contact me.

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