Your life is in your hands – start with clarity.
Only you can create the person you want to become.

I’m Here for You

You are in a position where you really need crystal clear clarity. So, you know if it’s the right decision or the exact way to communicate. You’ve been thinking about it and have done the research and learning. Still, you haven’t reached clarity if it’s the right thing to do. You may even start doubting your dreams and abilities. It’s time for you to accept who you are, define where you want to be, and craft your leadership skills to move forward step by step.

My approach reflects ten years of coaching experience, working with CEOs, running workshops for start-ups and many private clients from diverse cultures. I also have over ten years of being an interior architect and have lived and experienced diverse communities and cultures across three different countries. 

I’m now bringing my coaching expertise, project managing experience, designer’s perspectives, and understanding of cultural diversity to you.

I help you become confident to see the situation objectively, find the solution and process that works best for your desired outcome – lifetime skills for growth.

About Me

I read a lot. I often read coaches describe how they worked hard in a big company in a high position, earned lots, and burned out. Now they are fulfilled with a successful career as a coach. Well, this isn’t my story. Money and a powerful position were never the measure of my success.

The definition of success to me is to achieve what one wants.

So I always focus on clarifying what I enjoy doing and what works best for me. Also, coming from a different cultural background helped me not compare with other people.

What’s important for me is:

  1. To see what I have and what I don’t have objectively. (It’s hard and sometimes painful.)
  2. To identify what I can strengthen from what I have, and what I need to learn/gain from what I don’t have. (A starting point.)
  3. To concentrate on what I can do at a time.
  4. To know if I want to take action even though it may not be successful in the end. (I’m super nerdy on the process of becoming.)
  5. To focus on the present with my big picture in mind. (My mapping skills shine here.)
  6. To take consistent actions step by step.
  7. To review, revise, adjust, relax, pivot, improve, ask help, praise me, enjoy, have fun. And repeat some and all. (Good things take time!)

It is a fun process, and I’ll show you how it works with crystal clear clarity.