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About Me

Every individual is unique, and each situation provides a unique opportunity.
Hi, I’m Junko. My commitment is to guide you through your transformative journey.

About Junko Okada

Junko’s Journey: Originally from Japan, Junko relocated to the UK in 1999, driven by a passion for design and a curiosity to explore beyond her culture.

During 17 years in London, Junko navigated personal and professional transformations by continually focusing on the next step and finding joy in every step.

Design to Coaching: Trained as an Interior Architect, Junko is fascinated by how people use space and the impact that small details can have. Junko’s work involved effective communication to bring client’s visions to life.

Transitioning to coaching deepened her understanding of communication, equipping her to guide clients through their individual challenges.

Coaching Philosophy: Junko believes in the transformative power of intentional action and having a clear vision.

Unstoppable growth arises from aligning one’s personality, expertise, and experiences in the right environment.

Professional Development: Since 2013, Junko has worked 1:1 with CEOs and individuals from diverse backgrounds, emphasizing clarity, value alignment, leadership skills, sustainable systems, and intentional actions.

Teaching and Workshops: From 2021 to 2023, Junko ran creative entrepreneurship workshops as a visiting tutor for Seekicks, the weißensee Academy of Art in Berlin. Facilitating group coaching programs has added a positive challenge and inspiration to her journey.

Your Transformation: Junko draws inspiration from her clients and is committed to helping you achieve your desired outcomes. She will guide you through the decision-making processes and work with you to assemble the puzzle pieces for meaningful results.

Coaching provides a dedicated space for focused growth—the secret lies in adopting sustainable yet playful systems, propelling you towards intentional outcomes.

Are you ready to take intentional action? Book your free discovery call with Junko. Looking forward to being a part of your transformative journey!

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