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About Junko Okada

Hi, I’m Junko Okada – a strategy coach.
I help my clients to take intentional action to move up to the next level.

I’m Here for You

I help you clarify and build your vision and find out what you need to do to get there. We use your real situation for you to practise and improve your communication skills to share your vision, convince people and gain confidence.

I teach you how to create healthy boundaries between work and private life, with people, and with responsibility so you grow to become who you want to be and define your sweet spot.

I map what’s important for you. And I can help you design a sustainable system to take intentional action and get closer to your desired outcome.

During your coaching process, your big picture gets clearer, and you develop entrepreneurial resilience to keep a positive outlook.

I facilitate your journey to develop a growth mindset to move you forward step by step and see the process as a positive challenge.

Altogether, the process is simple – to define the undefined – see the big picture, and focus on small steps one by one to achieve your vision in the long run. 

Want to take intentional action to move to the next level?

Book your free discover call to see if we are a good fit.

Your life is in your hands – start with clarity. Only you can create the person you want to become.

About Me

I started with a strong desire to be a designer without the right qualification in Japan. I focused on what I could do to move to the next step. Lots of learnings and embarrassing mistakes were part of the process. But I had fun because my next step kept moving me forward in an exciting direction. 

My 1st dream – I have over ten years of being a passionate interior architect in London. Pivoting to the coaching world came from seeking better communication skills to talk about money with my private clients during stressful construction work. 

Since 2013, I have coached 1:1 with CEOs and highly skilled individuals from diverse cultures. I help my clients craft their leadership skills, build sustainable systems and take intentional and consistent action to move to the next level. 

I love seeing my clients gain clarity, put the pieces in the right place, and get the result from their actions. 

Since 2021, I’ve been running creative entrepreneurship workshops as a visiting tutor for Seekicks, weißensee academy of art berlin. Creating and running group coaching programs gives me a positive challenge and inspiration.   

I focus on my client’s outcomes, map out what’s important for them and support them in making many decisions.

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