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“I would never have reached this clarity in life without coaching with Junko”

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“When I came to Junko I felt lost. I felt a failure. I needed to new avenue. I needed a raison d’etre, that would dovetail with my family responsibilities. But this ‘something’ had to resonate with who I was, and what I believed in. But who was I?

Coaching helped me unpick my life. Junko helped me work out what forces had consistently driven me. What I valued; what I wanted in life. It sounds corny, but she helped me realize what my life’s mission was.

First I realised the passions that had consistently driven me throughout life were my quest for knowledge and education, combined with my love of film making and story telling. I wanted to give something back to young people, and I was going to use my film making skills to do it. But how could I do that? I was a failure, right?

Junko took me back to the bare bones. I took a long hard look at what was stopping me move forward and what was quashing my self-belief. I re-examined my achievements, my expectations, what I thought to be true. I learned to see myself and talk about myself in a new way. I re-evaluated and blew apart my negative opinions. It was a bumpy road, but I started to glimpse pathways that would work for me. Junko has a brilliant way of visually mapping out your life at one moment, so it’s plain to see like a road map. She’d identify two or three areas to work on and break them down into manageable action steps. This really worked for me.

I could hold this map in my mind and work on different elements. I’d chip away at things. So even if I wasn’t actually producing anything, I still felt like everyday I was moving forward. I began to believe in myself.

I could also talk to Junko about specific things that were worrying me such as difficult conversations I might need to have, or self doubts and problems I needed to solve. Junko has a way of seeing the wood from the trees. Things always seemed much clearer after talking to her.

Before every coaching session I would fill out a feedback form about how the last session had gone, what I’d achieved in the meantime and where I felt I needed work. This really helped me focus my mind and realize how far I’d come in just a few weeks. Junko would devour this information and come with a very clear structure for each session. She had a real understanding for my concerns and a passion and determination to wrestle through problems. I never felt alone. I always felt Junko was pondering, thinking through things with me as I went through the process. But she did so with subtle, gentle guidance and questioning – always supportive; always enlightening.

Junko’s advice was also very practical and project based. She’d set me practical exercises to build my self-confidence, to help me formulate ideas and to build up my portfolio. She encouraged me see that working on projects was essential. She set me small tasks and schedules and goals to work towards and think about. What films could I make? Who was my audience? How would I make money? What was my work-life balance? What would the website look like? Etc. These questions she set, helped me focus my mind and find the solutions.

Gradually I formulated projects and a mission for my company that resonated with my beliefs, my life and my skills. Throughout the process, I regularly had ‘Eureka’ moments when things would slot into place and I’d feel elated. Finally I realised my goal. Something clicked and it just felt right. I was going to make ‘edu-tainment’ 360 films and virtual reality experiences. My mission was to spread ‘Wisdom through the experience of film’. I was also going to use this company to research the use of ed-tech with children and lecture the next generation of film makers.

I would never have reached this clarity in life without coaching with Junko. She has been a rock, a visionary, a believer, a nurturer, a problem solver, a teacher, an artist and above all, a great friend.”


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“Working with Junko has been a beautiful and transformational experience. I was at a very low point in my life when I had my first session. Junko’s creativity and structured approach, her dedication and care brought immediately a lot of light and inspiration into my life. It helped me to systematically dig deeper and really understand what was going on inside of me. Her thoughtful self-reflection exercises on hidden beliefs, self-talk, new beliefs, values and peace were not only deeply enlightening but empowering tools of self-awareness for life. I loved her mind maps as they captured so beautifully the learnings of each session and helped me a lot to finally take action for change. I can strongly recommend Junko as a coach.”


“As a new founder of a small company, I came to Junko with feelings of imposter syndrome and general uncertainty especially with so many possible tasks to focus on. Together, we explored different topics surrounding my goals, skills, and working styles to better understand my capabilities and options going forward. Junko made me feel more confident in my abilities and made each session comfortable and exciting. Thanks so much!”

Nick Morgan-Jones

“Junko has been coaching me for the past few months and her techniques and acknowledgements have made a huge difference in my day to day life. Junko is calm, thoughtful and considerate, and has gently guided me to make important realisations about my values, clarity in life and goals. As a result of her coaching I feel more confident, centred and self-reliant and have more mental clarity. I would not hesitate to recommend Junko.”


“As a mum of young kids, wanting to spend a bit more time doing work that I love, and trying to move countries, Junko’s coaching came at the right time. A six week life coaching course gave me a new and profound understanding of myself and made my personal career plans much clearer. I can highly recommend coaching with Junko to anyone who is looking for deeper changes in one’s life and work. She is highly perceptive and combines analytical and intuitive insights, calmly with honesty, and grounded. It is the perfect environment to make supportive changes, and engender self-acceptance.”


“I have benefitted so greatly from my coaching sessions with Junko: she challenged me to look at my current situation from a different, fresher perspective; opened my mind to opportunities where previously I had seen none; was reassuring, sensitive and importantly, offered me a great deal of practical suggestions to help me achieve my goals. I always came away from Junko’s sessions feeling calmly confident in myself and my abilities, inspired and uplifted, ready to take on the next micro-steps to my ultimate goals. I feel that she has given me a set of skills to continue this journey, now that our sessions have completed. I would, without doubt, recommend Junko as a coach.”


“Junko’s coaching provided me with a really valuable opportunity to step back and review what I wanted from my career and take positive steps to achieve this. It gave me the chance to reflect, to challenge my own thinking (in a supportive way) and to consider the options that are available to me. Junko made me feel that nothing was unachievable and helped me set myself clear and achievable steps to reaching my goals.”


“Through Junko’s expert guidance, strategising my passions, knowledge, skills, and outcomes gave me a clear vision of what I want my personal and professional life to be and the steps I need to take to get there.”

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