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A critical boundary

You are passionate about what you do and willing to work hard for everything. Is it possible? 

You devote yourself to your work.

My email inbox is full, one after another meetings, deadlines and big presentations.

You are fighting for it to do your best.

You need to read all the documents, the layout of the presentation needs to be perfect, and you feel so tired. 

You feel it’s not sustainable.

You lost confidence in your ability just because you ended up taking too many tasks to one person you could possibly cope with.  

How can you cope with demand?  

Here are 3 simple steps you can take to shift the current situation.

Step ONE

You create your VISION- The big picture. What skills do you need in your work for your big picture?

Step TWO

You identify your role, STRENGTH and WEAKNESS.  Weakness is not a problem as long as you know it. Onece you are aware of both, you can find a way and allocate time to make it work. 


You set a clear BOUNDARY for your INTENTION.  

In a workplace, it’s not easy to change the system. However, it’s your choice to change when the situation clearly gives you stress and working faster and more doesn’t solve the root of the problem. You are not complaining. It’s not failure. It’s a critical BOUNDARY to protect your values and well-being.

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