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Active Listening

You are the CEO of a small creative company. You are also an amazing creator and visionary. What you are currently working on are,

  • Testing on your products
  • Go to the design fair to find collaborators 
  • Go to the networking event to find an investor 
  • Building the Brand
  • Messaging social media
  • Researching about business in general
  • Talking to people and learning about Finance

You are passionate about what you do. You are willing to work hard to make it work without a strategy. With this mentality, you feel you need to take everything because you feel like you need to learn and sort out everything. 

It’s not possible! You need a STRATEGY that works best for where you and your business are currently! 


What is the goal of each list above – a strategy to reach those goals? 

  • What are the criteria of a successful product so you can complete the process and move on selling? 
  • How many collaborators are you looking for? 
  • How many investors would you like to approach? 
  • Do you have a presentation or landing page ready? 
  • What is the goal of your social media?   
  • What do you really need to know now to move the needle?
  • What is your ideal outcome from the collaboration?

Answer all these questions; it will be clearer which one you need to focus on first and connect to the next. Always think about the end result in mind. Business is in balance. When you work out the goal of each step, you have your strategy ready. 

If you want to build your leadership skills to design your strategy, book a DISCOVERY CALL with Junko!

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