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One step closer to becoming Natural leaders from hardworking leaders

Natural leaders perspectives

You can work hard to be a great leader. 

But unless you address your core values and the big picture, you will hit a glass ceiling – and miss the opportunity to become of those natural leaders.

Whether you are a hard-working CEO or a new manager with good intentions, as a leader, you confront the constant demands to make the right decision, so you can communicate difficult matters and find a solution to them.

It’s not just about understanding the situation and expressing your opinion. 

It’s about increasing engagement and staying consistent. You need the ability to gain trust and inspire people. Becoming a natural leader in this way will impact your personal life, business and the people around you.

I have created a simple strategy to help you become a Natural leader who knows their vision and can share it with people to bring them into the same picture.

Here’s one simple strategy that will increase your leadership quality,

1. Filter the information with objective views.

As a leader, you consume a large amount of information daily. Subconsciously you are filtering information all the time. Here’s what could happen when we let our emotions, generalisation and personal preference distort the information:

For example, your personal preferences rewrite outcomes into a better version of them:

You are visionary and believe in the creative process. Your CFO focuses on productivity, number and profit. 

Although you fully acknowledge they are doing their job and trust them, you become overly defensive toward the process and team effort when your CFO doesn’t allow the potential outcome as much as you do. 

The generalisation distorts the important aspect.

Admiring the established industry leader, you may trust their proven success formula but apply everything they say as gold, causing you to overlook your own strengths and individuality. They play their game, and you need to play your game – being natural leaders.

Negative emotions delete some of the key information.

You’ve been working long hours and constantly feeling pressure for the last 2 weeks. You are tired but almost there to finish your task before the deadline. 

The team discovered one issue. In a normal circumstance, you know you shouldn’t ignore it. The only solution would be to rearrange the deadline, even though that feels impossible.

But instead, all you can think of is to finish now and think about it later because the issue isn’t a big deal.

Misjudgment can happen to anyone, even a successful leader with the right mindset.

Our brain naturally filters out information that doesn’t align with our parameters because it’s normal brain functioning.

When we focus  our attention on one type of stimuli, we can filter out “distracting” stimuli that don’t fit the parameters… (for about 40% of subjects) 
Neurologica (Sept 2020)

Filtering information is the must-skill to lead your life and business intentionally.

But what is the right way of doing it? By applying objective views – you filter and choose the key information from all the information to make the right decision. 

Objective views help you see your emotion as a piece of information rather than influence the whole situation. 

Imagine you receive a disappointing result from your team who misjudged risk. You are angry and frustrated about it.

You become intense about the negative outcome giving no space for reflection or inviting others to find a solution collectively.

These strong emotions will influence your and the team’s judgement and decision-making. 

By staying objective, you acknowledge your emotion, your team’s contribution, the outcome and the big picture of where you are heading. 

Now, pay attention to the key points: You can

  • Learn from this outcome to add a positive outlook as a leader. 
  • Show your understanding of the team’s intention and effort so people feel they are heard. 

One bonus step closer to becoming Natural leaders: You can

  • Use this opportunity to share what the big picture looks like and put everyone in the same picture.
  • Share this process with the team, including your emotion and a solution for the next step, so they learn it from you.

You may notice that we are not focusing on being right here.

We are focusing on facts.

Always focus on facts.

Practising filtering and applying objective views in real situations daily will free you from distracting noise.

When you clearly see the situation, you speak with clarity – creating more engagement, connection and trust.

The filtering process allows you to reassess and share the vision and clarity. 

Would you like to learn more about filtering skills and move to the next level as a leader?

Let’s talk- Book a 30mins free discovery call.

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