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Internal validation

Your internal brilliance helps to put your passion, skills and experiences together.  You’ve been thinking about the idea and convinced about it. You trust your intuition and are ready to start! 

However, you are aware that your close family or one of your colleagues is not supporting your idea. What happens? Is it, 

  • You talk about it more and get emotional. You want to get approval.
  • You are hesitant to talk about it because you know what you will get. So, you talk little, you still get usual disagreement and swallow what you wanted to tell.
  • You are not talking about it, although it’s your main focus in your life. One foot is in, and the other foot is out. There is no way you can start sharing your idea over social media.

This is not unusual.

Taking a leap requires strong internal validation and focus when you want to take a leap. The internal validation requires the space for you to express and nurture your idea – trust your intuition through your leadership skills.

  • Get your idea validated. Your validation comes from yourself. 
  • Take small steps at a time.
  • Small steps give you clarity.
  • More small steps give you confidence.
  • Listen to your feelings.
  • Follow and trust your intuition.

Focus on your internal validation! Trust your intuition through your leadership skills! When you master these steps, it becomes a no-brainer – you go for it!

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