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Core values and Alignment

Core values are what you think is important in every aspect of your life. These values guide the way you live day-to-day. It helps you understand what you do and shape your future vision.

What is important for you-your core values? 

  • Make a list by asking, ‘what is important for me?’ 
  • Put in the priority order to know which one is most important for you.
  • Apply your values to your day-to-day activity. 
  • Observe your feeling and acknowledge them. 

When you live aligned to your values,

  • It makes what you want in your life clearer. 
  • You understand how you make or made a decision.
  • You can respect other people’s values.
  • You don’t get distracted by other people’s opinions/judgement easily.
  • The priorities become clearer.

Core values are only valid if they actively influence you.  An alignment between your life and your values becomes a solid foundation for your vision! 

If you are ready to live in line with your core value, book a DISCOVERY CALL with Junko!

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