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Focus and consistant action

Want to be someone who can keep FOCUS and TAKE ACTION consistently?‘

So, as an example, you want to increase your immune system.  You read some articles and come up with some solutions.

  • Exercise regularly
  • Drink more water
  • Get enough sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Have a healthy diet

How do you decide where you need to focus and which action you want to increase your immune system? 

First of all, WHY do you want to increase your immune system? WHAT will change when you succeed?

Feelings and emotions are important factors, but to judge a situation objectively, you need to stay true to the factual evidence: Your symptom, your actual feeling from an event, numbers, and documentation.

TAnd then, you analyse your current situation from each list above to determine where you can improve most. Let’s say, Drink more water. 

  • How much water do you need to drink a day? 
  • How to measure that? 
  • How often? 
  • Warm water or cold water? 
  • How long do you want to try to see the result? 
  • Do you document your progress on a notebook or phone? 
  • Apart from how you feel, what can measure your progress. I.e., Your weight or other significant things to make sense to be noted.

BE CURIOUS about the result. Do you feel like you can keep FOCUS and TAKE ACTION consistently now? If you are ready to go through your PROCESS OF BECOMING, book a DISCOVERY CALL with Junko!

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